Welcome to Saskatoon Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization SPOTTO

Welcome to Saskatoon Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization SPOTTOWelcome to Saskatoon Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization SPOTTOWelcome to Saskatoon Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization SPOTTO

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About Us

SPOTTO promotes and improves the health and well-being of expectant and multiple birth families in and around the Saskatoon area by offering active and ongoing support.

SPOTTO is affiliated with Multiple Births Canada, giving members access to the national website, publications, and support networks for multiple-birth families.


Weekly Chat & Play

Multiple Expectations Classes

Clothing & Equipment Sales

Active support networks, including a Facebook group

Mom-to-Mom mentorship

Parents & Moms nights out

Family social events

Upcoming Events

Spring 2020 Clothing & Equipment Sale

Date: May 2nd, 2020 (cancelled)

Location: Sutherland Curling Club - 141 Jessop Avenue, Saskatoon

Public shopping: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Multiple Expectations Classes

Date : TBA

Email: spotto.classes@gmail.com

for more information!

Our Programs and Services

Chat & Play

Clothing & Equipment Sales

Multiple Expectations


Are you feeling the need to get out of the house? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you are looking for some other children for your kids to interact with. Whatever the reason, Chat & Play is here for you and your family. This group offers a time to get together with other parents who understand. Here we offer support, build friendships, get advice and have some fun, all while the children play.  Our “Chat & Play” group meets every Wednesday morning from 9:30am-11:30am at a local church.  In the summertime,  Chat & Plays are held at members’ homes, community parks, spray parks, etc.  We encourage expecting and new parents to come out and meet other members.

Multiple Expectations

Clothing & Equipment Sales

Multiple Expectations


The SPOTTO Multiple Expectations Class is tailored for parents-to-be of twins (or more). We cover a wide range of topics from Feeding x's 2 (nursing and Bottle Feeding), equipment needs, sleep schedules, plus much more. 

COST:    $50 for current SPOTTO members (this includes both mother and father/partner, not per person); Non-SPOTTO members pay $85 ($50 class fee + $35 annual membership fee). Fees are payable upon arrival to the first class by cash or cheque.

Further details regarding location, etc. will be provided following registration. 

For more information contact us at spotto.classes@gmail.com

Clothing & Equipment Sales

Clothing & Equipment Sales

Clothing & Equipment Sales


Selling premie/newborn to age 14 children’s clothing, equipment, cribs, car seats, maternity wear, toys, and much much more!

This Bi-Annual sale takes place in the spring and also in the fall.

Location: Sutherland Curling Club - 141 Jessop Avenue, Saskatoon

Membership shopping: 8:00 am (All SPOTTO and MBC members are welcome.)

Public shopping: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Payment Methods: CASH, Visa, MasterCard, Debit, current SPOTTO members may also pay by cheque.

For more information please email spottosale@gmail.com

Mom-to-Mom Mentorship

Parents & Moms nights out

Clothing & Equipment Sales


The Mom-to-Mom Program pairs experienced moms of multiples (mentors) with new and expecting parents of multiples. Mentors aim to provide new parents with a level of support not found in parenting books and also a helping hand with which to reach out to and receive support.

Parents & Moms nights out

Parents & Moms nights out

Parents & Moms nights out


Parents of multiples need a break sometimes! These nights out happen throughout the year and are a welcome break for SPOTTO parents!

Family Social Events

Parents & Moms nights out

Parents & Moms nights out


Family social events are held 2-3 times per year and are open to all members. This is a great opportunity to meet other members and socialize.

Become a Member

Membership Process

We will email you the SPOTTO membership registration form. You will  need to submit the completed form and pay the yearly membership fee.

Welcome to SPOTTO

Once we receive your registration form and confirmation of payment you will receive a welcome package. You can then request access to the Facebook group.  As a member you will have the opportunity to attend support groups for question and answer, sharing, visiting, making friends, and general support; have the opportunity to participate in our Mom-to-Mom Mentorship Program; attend our weekly Chat N Play group; attend the Multiples Expectations Class; shop in designated “members-only” shopping times at our fall and spring clothing/equipment sales; sell items as your children grow and outgrow; attend social events with your family; receive membership to Multiple Births Canada (www.multiplebirthscanada.org) and access to their members only website and publications; and have access to our Facebook group (exclusive to current SPOTTO members) where we post pictures, use the discussion board, and ask each other questions.